The Committee

Member                            Responsibilities

Bill Stephens                     Chairman/Tournaments/Finance/Halstead League

Jenny Cooper                   Finance/Development/Child Protection/Online Booking System

Clive Allenby                     Treasurer/Finance(C)

Zoe Cannon

Lisa Da Rosa                     Social Committee (C)/Clothing

Jon Gustard                      Singles Ladder/Tournaments

John Kyan                         Junior Coordinator(C)/Halstead League Junior Rep

Cherry Lewis-Taylor        Meeting Recorder

Graham Lewis-Taylor      Finance/Development/Coaching(C)/Website/Membership Renewal/Maintenance                                               Minutes/BHSA Rep

Jan Rochester                   Match Secretary/Development(C)

Neil Salmon                       Tournament Referee/Tournaments (C)

Muriel Stephens               Secretary/Membership/Volunteer Coordinator

Kath Welsh                        Junior Rep/Head Coach

Karl Wolf                            Maintenance (Vice)



*(C) denotes Chairman of the appropriate sub-committee


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