Club Juniors

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The Club has a very active Junior section with ages ranging from 6  to 18 years old. Coaching is provided on Saturday mornings and after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during term time for all standards of players, from beginners upwards. Anyone who wants to play tennis and thinks they may wish to join the Club is welcome to call in and arrange to attend one or more of these sessions.

Juniors are encouraged to take part in Junior and Adult Club competitions, the Road to Wimbledon tournament in which the two most successful players go through to the County finals and events held at other local clubs. Competitions are run in the holidays such as American tournaments. The Club also enters U18, U14 and Mini Tennis teams in the Halstead Summer and Winter Leagues according to the numbers and abilities of the players available. Squad training for these teams takes place on Sunday afternoons during term time.

Whilst competition is seen as a healthy culmination of the training given, the main emphasis is on providing an environment in which Junior players develop their tennis skills and above all enjoy themselves.


Coaching on Saturday mornings (09.30 am – 12.45 pm) and Tuesday afternoons (5.30 – 6.30 pm) is well under way this year. If you haven’t attended any sessions yet and want to join in then just turn up to a session and speak to Kath or Bryan.  If you want to compete in tournaments outside the Club there are several being organised this year in the Colchester and Chelmsford areas – from mini red tournaments to Under 18 – so please ask the coaches for details.

Parental Involvement

Junior coaching sessions have become increasingly popular over the past year which is a testament to the hard work put in by the coaches. Parents too have a very important role to play in the development of their children’s tennis skills, particularly in the younger age groups. We do have some parent volunteers, who are much appreciated, but we would like more. If you are a parent or another adult member who can spare some time on an occasional or regular basis then please speak to Kath, Heather, John or Bryan.


Wickham Bishops Tennis Club Champions 

Under 10 Boys                   Under 10 Girls

1996  Richard Stott

1997  Richard Stott

1998  Richard Stott

1999  Michael Still

2000  Stephen Moore                 Louise Smith

2001  Martin Moore                    Harley Crossman

2002  James Love                      Harley Crossman

2003  Jonathon Roome               Emma Eden

2004  Tom Eden                         Lorna Neal

2005  Tom Eden                         Rachel Watson

2006  Harry Waldie                     Alice White

2007  Connor Buet                      Ellie Batley

2008  Rory Carnell                      Ellie Batley

2009  Matt Coppen                     Eleanor Hayter

2010  Tom Batley                       Alice Tunningley

2011  Henry Bellis                      Rebecca Popham

2012  Archie Gunton                   Lily Sokhi

2013  Fred Barnett                     Lily Sokhi

2014  Steve Miller                      Lily Sokhi

2015  Max Wiley                        Maggie Gunton

2016 Xavier Giles-Scieller          Ida Ghazi-Nouri

Under 12 Boys               Under 12 Girls

1986  Stephen Rochester          Lisa Barker

1987  Stuart Burns                   Lisa Adcock

1988  Craig Peterson                Annabel Kerr

1989  Matt Welsh                     Jennifer Kerr

1990  Paul Stephens                 Louisa Stammers

1991  Paul Stephens                 Louisa Stammers

1992  Tom Eves                       Louisa Stammers

1993  Tom Eves                       Sarah Gutsell

1994  Neil Stephens                 Sarah Gutsell

1995  Alastair Cook                  Madeleine Eves

1996  Greg Weal                      Chloe Trickett

1997  Robert Mann                   Talia Smith

1998  Michael Adamson            Sophia Humphreys

1999  Richard Stott                  Sophia Humphreys

2000  Stephen Moore               Stephanie Kyan

2001  Neil Casey                      Louise Smith

2002  Simon Moore                  Lucy Golding

2003  Tim Golding                    Harley Crossman

2004  Tim Golding                    Emma Eden

2005  James Tunningley           Lydia Seleska

2006  Will Tunningley               Rachel Watson

2007  Tom Eden                      Alice White

2008  Harry Waldie                  Alice White

2009  Callum Haynes               Rebecca Russell

2010  Dan Hammerson             Ellie Batley

2011  Matt Coppen                  Savannah Pearey

2012  James Lock                    Holly Whitworth

2013  Harry Hennessey            Holly Whitworth

2014  Fred Barnett                  Sarah Miller

2015  Fred Barnett                  Lily Sokhi

2016  Max De Rosa                 Lily Sokhi    

Under 14 Boys          Under 14 Girls

1986  Stuart Stammers          Anna Welsh

1987  Nick Stainton               Anna Welsh

1988  Stuart Burns                Clare Brewster

1989  Stuart Burns                Lisa Adcock

1990  Craig Paterson             Jenny Kerr

1991  Simon Sparkes             Jenny Kerr

1992  Nick Havers                 Nicola Gutsell

1993  Paul Stephens              Nicola Gutsell

1994  Paul Stephens              Louisa Stammers

1995  Tom Eves                    Louisa Stammers

1996  Neil Stephens              Madeleine Eves

1997  Michael Smart             Chloe Trickett

1998  Robert Mann               Talia Smith

1999  Robert Mann               Talia Smith

2000  Chris Brand                Sophia Humphreys

2001  Richard Stott              Sophia Humphreys

2002  Richard Stott              Stephanie Kyan       Under 14 Boys (O) Under 14 Girls (O)

2003  Patrick Richardson      Lucy Golding              Patrick Richardson              Holly Mann

2004  Alex Cane                  Holly Mann                 Alex Cane                          Holly Mann

2005  Chris Clark                 Holly Mann                Chris Clark                         Holly Mann

2006  Sam Redfern              Emma Eden               James Tunningley               Emma Eden

2007  Liam Jones                 Jodie Easter               Liam Jones                        Jodie Easter

2008  Tom Eden                   –                               Harry Waldie                     Alice White

2009  Alex Peperell               Alice White                Harry Waldie                     Alice White

2010  James Coman             Alice White                 Harry Waldie                     Beth Watson

2011  Joshua Bibby              Maria Rogers              Matt Coppen                      Maria Rogers

2012  Dan Hammerson         Ellie Batley                Dan Hammerson                Ellie Batley

2013  Theo Wolf                   Savanah Pearey         Matt Coppen                      Holly Whitworth

2014  Mo Maamri                 Holly Whitworth          Mo Maamri                        Holly Whitworth

2015  Harry Hennessey        Holly Whitworth          Fred Barnett                      Holly Whitworth

2016  Will Jesney                 Not contested             Max Wiley                         Lily Sokhi


Under 16 Boys           Under 16 Girls     Under 18 Boys (O)    Under 18 Girls (O)

1986  Marcus Giles               –                               Neil Stammers                   Fiona Giles

1987  Stuart Stammers        –                               Neil Stammers                   Jane Waddilove

1988  Stuart Stammers        Anna Welsh                Marcus Giles                      Natalie Burns

1989  Nick Stainton             Anna Welsh                Marcus Giles                      Jayne Tucker

1990  Stephen Rochester     Clare Brewster            Nick Stainton                     Anna Welsh

1991  Stuart Burns              Annabel Kerr              Nick Stainton                     Anna Welsh

1992  Paul Sparkes              Jenny Kerr                 Neil MacKenzie                   Clare Brewster

1993  James Hyde               Jenny Kerr                 Paul Clemence                   Annabel Kerr

1994  Stuart Jones              –                               Paul Sparkes                      Jennifer Kerr

1995  Adam Canter             Nicola Gutsell             Stephen Sparkes                 –

1996  Tom Eves                  Debbie Stares            Tom Eves                          Nicola Gutsell

1997  Tom Eves                  Tamsyn Carr              Nick Phillips                       Nicola Gutsell

1998  Neil Stephens             –                              Neil Stephens                     Sarah Gutsell

1999  Mike Smart                –                               Neil Stephens                    Sarah Gutsell

2000  Robert Mann              Carla Smart               Neil Stephens                    Carla Smart

2001  Robert Mann              –                               Robert Mann                      –

2002  Anthony Cody            Sophia Humphreys     Richard Stott                     Stephanie Kyan

2003  Richard Pipe              Stephanie Kyan          Richard Stott                     Stephanie Kyan

2004  Richard Stott             –                               Richard Stott                     Stephanie Kyan

2005  Simon Moore             Lucy Golding              Richard Stott                     Stephanie Kyan

2006  Alex Cane                 Holly Mann                 Alex Cane                          Holly Mann

2007  Chris Clark                Holly Mann                 Chris Clark                         Holly Mann

2008  Matt Watson              –                               Chris Clark                         Holly Mann

2009  Liam Jones                –                               Sam Redfern                      Jessica Field

2010  Alex Peperell             Rachel Watson           William Hopcroft                 Jodie Easter

2011   Harry Waldie             –                              Alex Peperell                      Hannah Sargeant

2012 Harry Waldie             Beth Watson               Harry Waldie                      Olivia Baldwin

2013  Dan Hammerson       Beth Shippey              William Atwill                     Beth Watson

2014  Dan Hammerson       Ellie Batley                 William Atwill                     Beth Watson

2015  Mo Maamri               Savannah Pearey        William Gurton                   Ellie Batley

2016  Not contested           Rebecca Popham         Fred Barnett                      Rebecca Popham


Junior Recognition Award

1986 – Jason Hodkinson
1987 – Anna Welsh & Nicholas Stainton
1988 – Bryony Rochester & Stephen Jones
1989 – Kathryn Young & Damien Adcock
1990 – Clare Brewster & Paul Sparkes
1991 – Sarah Chamberlain & Mark Ellender
1992 – Natalie Young & Alex Yelland
1993 – Jennifer Kerr & James Hyde
1994 – Nicola Gutsell & Nicholas Phillips
1995 – Louisa Stammers, Paul Stephens, Adam Canter
1996 – Marie Waters & Philip Kerr
1997 – Stephen Sparkes
1998 – Alan Waters & Carla Smart
1999 – Ian Kidd
2000 – Fred Carr & Talia Smith
2001 – Anthony Cody & Stephanie Kyan
2002 – 2007 Not awarded
2008  Alex Cane

2009  Liam Jones

2010  Mimi Anthony

2011  James Coman

2012  Theo Wolf

2013  Jack Salmon

2014  Chris Miller

2015  William Jesney


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