Notices 2017



Court Day Event Date Price Winner
Centre Monday 03/07/2017 £112 Andrew Bourcier
Number 1 Monday 03/07/2017 £90 Kathryn Daughtrey
Number 2 Monday 03/07/2017 £82 Ian Bowman
Centre Tuesday 04/07/2017 £112 Mark McAlister
Number 1 Tuesday 04/07/2017 £90 Pam Orwin
Number 1 Wednesday 05/07/2017 £114 Sally Duffield
Number 2 Wednesday 05/07/2017 £98 Garnet Shackel
Centre Thursday 06/07/2017 £146 Anthony Hines
Number 1 Thursday 06/07/2017 £114 Caroline Hobden
Number 1 Saturday 08/07/2017 £148 Elaine Higgs
Centre Monday 10/07/2017 £224 Ben Mumford
Number 2 Monday 10/07/2017 £136 Nick Marshall
Centre Tuesday 11/07/2017 £224 June Thomas
Number 2 Tuesday 11/07/2017 £84 John Collingwood
Number 1 Wednesday 12/07/2017 £196 Jacqui Webster
Number 1 Thursday 13/07/2017 £116 Robert Donald
Number 1 Friday 14/07/2017 £74 Sean Brightmore
Centre Saturday 15/07/2017 £310 Angela Dees
Number 1 Saturday 15/07/2017 £68 Neil Gubbins
Centre Sunday 16/07/2017 £380 Russell Higginbotham


 OPEN  DAY –  SATURDAY 20th MAY 10 am – 1 pm:

There will be two qualified tennis coaches to organise play and introduce newcomers to the game, or just come and have a hit and meet some of the friendly members.  Although both adults and children are welcome at any time between 10 am and 1 pm, the day is being specially arranged for children between 10 am and 12 noon and for adults between 12 noon and 1 pm.  Tennis balls and rackets will be provided if necessary as well as refreshments and freebies from the Lawn Tennis Association, and we ask that people wear soft shoes to protect the court surfaces.

Anyone joining the Club at the Open day will have their membership joining fee waived, and offered a free group coaching lesson for one hour with the coach at the Club at a later date.  Junior members have free coaching on Friday evenings.

Why not come and see what the Club has to offer and have an opportunity to try out our new artificial clay court.


This is to be resurfaced at an estimated cost of £24,000 with an artificial clay surface – Lano Grand Clay 12. The present court was becoming worn and not draining well, so algae were growing and the court getting slippery. It was last resurfaced in May 2008. The work is due to start on 10th April and will take about two weeks. Artificial clay courts require a lot of maintenance and topping up with clay. It is important that players drag brush the court after each session of play, and sweep the lines as well with the special line brush. Also, please brush your shoes in the shoe brush on leaving the court, so that the clay does not spread everywhere.


A member has generously donated their AED to the Club, for which we are most grateful. The HeartSine Samaritan PAD defibrillator has been placed in the previously installed cabinet on the outside of the Pavilion near the meter shed. Club members are strongly urged to learn how to use the AED and give CPR by looking at the video links given below:


These will be balloted as usual, but only members of British Tennis, affiliated to Mayfield Lawn Tennis Club aged 9 years and over and also opted in to the Wimbledon Ballot 2017 may enter the Club ballot. Please enter your names individually on the list, which will be put up in the Pavilion in Mid-March. A list of eligible British Tennis members will be placed alongside. The draw will be held at the A.G.M. party on 8th April.


A limited number of tins of four tennis balls are now for sale to members.  These are Slazenger Wimbledon  at £4.50 a tin, Tretorn Micro X Tennis Balls at £7 per can and Wilson Tour at £5 per can.  Please add your names to the list on the notice board or ring Garnet on 01435 873113.


Discounts are available to Club members from Final Score Sports Shop at 79 High Street, Uckfield on production of the Club membership card available on request from the Hon. Sec.


If you are looking for suggestions of other players who may be of similar standard to you, please contact the Club on 01435 873113.

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