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About Our Tournament Organisers Manual.

Revolutionise Your Social Tennis Tournaments
Organiser's Manual for Trouble Free Tournaments
including Rules, Orders of Play & Score Sheets.

Does your club hold regular social tournaments? If so who organises them? Is it always the same kind of "American" Tournament? Would your members like something different? Social tennis is an essential part of any club's activities. There is one great snag. A successful social tennis tournament is difficult to organise and can be very stressful and time consuming. Few people volunteer for the task. If you have ever run this type of tournament we are sure you will agree.

Would you like an event where everybody can join in, no matter what their abilities? An event where the best player does not always win? A tournament where everyone plays the same amount of tennis and nobody is 'knocked out'? Would you like a tournament that can be arranged in minutes and where all the hard work is done for you? Well this is now possible.

A unique manual specifically designed to take the hard work out of organisation for Clubs, Coaches, School Teachers, Administrators or even casual players is now available from this web site.

Revolutionise Your Social Tennis Tournaments provides everything necessary to run properly structured fun tennis tournament events including:

         Notice of event
         Event planner
         Orders of play
         Time required
         Score sheets


If you have any comments please feel free to Contact Us To Order Now Click Here

Your Social Tennis Tournaments.

ISBN 09524863 1 8

Organiser's Manual
for Trouble Free Tournaments including Rules, Orders of Play & Score Sheets.

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